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Welcome to the UES PTO


We welcome everyone back to a brand new school year!  We look forward to getting creative this year and help make it memorable for our UE Stars!

What the PTO means to your kids is making their school experience better.  We organize the assemblies, run their fun events (fall festival, book fairs, bingo night, reading nights... to name a few), buy their school T-shirts and playground equipment, supplies and tables for the STEAM room, bus passes,...the list goes on and on.  The reward is our children laughing with their friends at an event or getting the opportunity to use a new piece of equipment in the STEAM room.  We will also continue to support our teachers and staff by providing them with the best enriching items and resources for their classrooms so they can successfully navigate down the educational path with our children.  We welcome any and all suggestions and feedback!

Please always read the Star eNews that comes out every Sunday afternoon with school news you need to know, or find it on the school website .  ‘Like’ us on Facebook and Instagram to get great pictures and news.  Joining the Remind App (download for free from App Store) is a great way to get reminder texts about upcoming events and deadlines at school, text ‘81010’ to @uepto.  If you have information to include in any of the above networks, please send them to